Spirited Harp
Irish Harp
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The Path of the Wind(From My Neighbor,Totoro)
O'Carolan's Receipt For Drinking
Marnie Swanson of the Grey Coast
Merry-Go-Round of Life~Opening~(From Howl's Moving Castle)
The Sandhopper/Co a ni mire ri Mairi
The Two William Davises/The Humours of Tulla
Leaving Stoer
The Miller Of Drohan
Day of the River/Inochi no Namae(From Spirited Away)
The Dragon Boy(From Spirited Away)
Leaving Friday Harbour
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Claddagh Records in Dublin,Ireland
Ceis(Sayaka Ikuyama&AGATA) First Album,
Wandering Aengus
Sayaka Ikuyama

Irish harp player. Born in Fukuoka City and lives in Yufuin, Oita. This is Sayaka's first solo album. Sayaka started to play the harp at the age of eleven and Irish dancing at thirteen. She learned both by herself. Since twelve years of age, visited various music festivals in Europe and North America every summer with her father, manager of a folk music CD shop. During those days she had short-term private lessons from harp players she adored such as Philip Boulding of Magical Strings(USA),William Jackson of Ossian(Scotland),Patsy Seddon of Sileas(Scotland) and Laoise Kelly of Bumblebees(Ireland). Stayed in Ireland from 2000 to 2002. Learned basic and overall techniques and especially expressive performances in playing the Irish harp from Kathleen Loughnane in Galway, Ireland during this period. Also, she attended musical workshop at Edinburgh Harp Festival, an annual event held in Edinburgh and other workshops of Irish Harp Summer School annually held at Termonfeckin in County Louth, Ireland.
After coming back to Japan, she encountered "Spirited Away" an animation film by Hayao Miyazaki. She was very much impressed not only with the film itself but its theme song and other soundtracks used in the film. She came to know that most of the soundtracks played in Miyazaki films "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind" and other films after that are composed by Joe Hisaishi. Sayaka started to play these tunes by Japanese composers that she found impressive and attractive.
This CD, Sayaka's first album, includes her original arrangements of Irish tunes and Scottish tunes and her arrangements to suit the harp of music from Miyazaki's films. While staying in Ireland her goal was to play the harp with a high Irish spirit but after encountering music and tunes by Hisaishi and other Japanese composers, it opened her eyes to music other than Irish and Scottish and to a new way of playing the harp. This album contains Irish music and Scottish music which maintain their traditional styles and hearts of folk music, but in parallel, enhanced by Sayaka's personal aesthetic sense and talent. Irish tunes, Scottish tunes and music from Miyazaki films produce harmony and repercussion each featured with a series of lively rhythm and haunting melody. Each and every tune on this album will touch and speak to your heart. Please enjoy the world of spirited harp music.
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Solo Harp music has always enchanted me. The soft and gentle tones of Sayaka's performance on this CD are totally beguiling. Whether she is playing Celtic music or Japanese music, the result is the same for me -
utter enchantment. (Andy Irvine,Folk singer,Ireland)

It is great to hear music played on this instrument in places where many years ago it would not have been known. The world has become musically a global village, and here is lovely music from the global village. Sayaka welcomes you to enter that world through her doorway from Japan to the Celtic countries, playing beautiful music, both old and new. (Robin Morton,Temple Records,Scotland)

Sayaka Ikuyama's new CD "Spirited Harp" is a triumph of spirited music on the Celtic harp, with a strong foothold in both traditional and contemporary styles. Her expressive playing does honor to the masters of the harp with whom she has diligently studied in Ireland, and her own arrangements reveal a marvelous creativity. The contemporary influence of Joe Hisaishi's compositions offers a refreshing and dynamic counterpoint to the more traditional Celtic pieces, which gives a sometimes surprising twist to the listener's ear-yet it all hangs beautifully together with a fine golden thread, which is the soul of Sayaka shining through her spirited harp! This is a CD I will listen to again and again. (Philip Boulding,harp player of Magical Strings,USA)

A rousing 'brava!' (Pam Boulding,dulcimer player of Magical Strings,USA)

I've liked Celtic music for many years, but also Japanese music too as I lived there for over 10 years. This album is such a beautiful meeting of Japan and the Celtic music world. Timeless melodies played with such finesse and skill by Sayaka. Sayaka has learnt her craft from the very best players of Celtic harp, and mixed with her own experiences of Japan this is a unique mixture but one that seems entirely natural. Congratulations Sayaka. (Paul Fisher,Far Side Records,London)
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